Wednesday, March 9, 2011

FREE: Starbucks Petites During Starbucks Tribute Event

They will be celebrating March 10-12 with a small FREEBIE
 If you're nearby, you may want to stop in.  

Between 3-5pm you'll get a FREE Starbucks Petites when you order a handcrafted beverage (while supplies last).  

What's a Starbucks Petites?  

These are our new, perfectly sized treats.  There are eight different ones, and each is less than 200 calories - making for a well deserved afternoon reward.  

Don't forget that you can sign up for Starbucks Rewards to earn FREEBIES from Starbucks too!  Just grab a gift card while you're there and register it right here.  

*My husband and I both have gift cards that we just keep reloading.  I have a weakness for good coffee and even though Starbucks is a "sometimes treat" it's nice to earn some savings when I do splurge!*

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