Thursday, March 31, 2011

Report Card Freebies

It's that time again!
 Your little ones will be bringing their report cards home soon - and hopefully they've done well (I can NOT wait until tomorrow to see how mine did!). 

There are many local and national companies that will reward your child for a job well done. Some of the rewards must be given through the school - but you can call and check to see if any of them participate in your area!

Chick-fil-A - Check with your local store for report card promotions (often FREE Ice Dream Sundaes)!

Krispy Kreme Donuts - Most Krispy Kreme locations will give your child a FREE donut for getting an "A" on their report card!

Chuck E. Cheese - Max of 15 FREE tokens, with children getting 3 per "A", 2 per "B", and 1 per "C"!

Blockbuster - Kids get a FREE movie rental for straight A's (rental must be from the Kids & Family category)

Play N Trade - "Games for Grades" program. Kids get 15% OFF for every "A" on their report card...the more A's, the better the deal!

McDonalds - Some restaurants will give your child a FREE Cheeseburger Happy Meal for getting all A's!

CiCi's Pizza - If your child doesn't get a certificate at school, you can usually have them show their report card at any participating CiCi's Pizza and get a FREE Kid's Buffet.

Even if they didn't do so great this time - keep encouraging them! 
Fun, FREE stuff is always a great incentive to work harder, too.  

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