Wednesday, March 30, 2011

FREE Chicken Tenders from Burger King

Burger king logo Free Chicken Tenders from Burger King

Wait!  Don't throw those ads away yet!!  

Burger King is rolling out new tenders (along with 8 new dipping sauces) that will replace the old crown shaped nuggets.  

They will be mailing out 68 million coupons for a FREE 4 Piece Chicken Tender order.  The coupon will be found as a separate page in your mail along with other coupon pages and pamphlets.  

So don't throw away all that junk mail that comes in your mailbox - there might be a coupon in there for some FREE food!  

Let us know if you find a coupon in your mail - some people are receiving theirs this week!!

Thanks, Mojosavings!

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