Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Morning Goodies

Ick - Monday mornings are never fun, especially when it's pouring down rain outside! But, FREEBIES and great deals make it a little better right? Right? Ok, maybe I'm trying to convince myself! I hope everyone has a great week - here are a few things to get your week started off right!

-Click here for a FREE sample of Loreal EverPure.

-Click here for a FREE Women's Health Calendar for 2010.

-Click here for a FREE sample of Oregon Chai Tea.

-Become a FAN of Texas Pete Hot Sauce on Facebook. If they reach 100,000 fans by 11/14/09, you'll get a coupon for B1G1 FREE!

-Click here for a FREE sample of Dove Dimensions.

-Got little ones? Click here to get the Fisher-Price Elmo's Restaurant for only $39.99. Originally priced at $109.99 - this is a steal!!

-Click here for a 20% OFF coupon to BigLots (in-store only).

-Get the Wii game Star Wars Unleashed from for only $14.99. Excellent price for a Star Wars Wii Game!

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