Friday, October 9, 2009

This Week's Shopping Trip! 10-9-2009

My day to day schedule has been pretty demanding, so I only made one trip to Publix this week but I did send my awesome husband to pick up the Ragu before the KMart coupon expired! I love to make multiple trips to get the most savings when I can, but they simply aren't ideal with a busy schedule! I did all of my shopping at Publix this week - but I am planning on making some short visits to Food Lion and Bi-Lo in the upcoming week. Needless to say - I LOVE PUBLIX!

Here's what I got:

4 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
3 Publix Reusable Shopping Bags
2 Publix Powdered Sugar
3 Hamburger/Chicken Helper
1 Publix Shortening
4 Cans Progresso Soup
6 Idahoan Potatoes Pouches
3 Pkgs Ground Chuck (1.25 lbs each)
2 Healthy Choice Frozen Dinners
3 Nestle Cookie Dough
4 Cookie Crisp Cereal
2 Gallons Milk
3 Scrubbing Bubble Bathroom Cleaners
2 Pace Picante Salsa
2 Dial 3 Bar Soap
1 Publix White Bread (Penny Item)
2 Kraft Singles American Cheese
1 Dozen Eggs
4 Jars Ragu Pasta Sauce

TOTAL SAVED: $109.35

**I will also submit for the SC Johnson Rebate for the Scrubbing Bubbles I purchased. I only paid $1.62 for three bottles This will bring my total OOP to $22.56.**

Hip Hip Hooray for Publix! Also a GREAT BIG thank you for my wonderful cashier who was so helpful and patient with all of my coupons (as she always is!) I hope she's reading this now - and saving tons on her groceries too!

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