Thursday, August 27, 2009

Your first stop to start SAVING a ton of money!

Welcome to the beginning of a whole new way of thinking about money, budgets, and shopping.

By using resources available, you can easily cut your grocery budget in HALF! Many people say "I don't have the time for that" but honestly, who doesn't have an extra half-hour to make money for their family? Yes, I said MAKE money for your family! Let me break this down for you...

"The Old Way of Grocery Shopping"
Walking over to your pantry and fridge, making the list of things your family needs this week. Maybe you clip a coupon or two. Then you head to the grocery store, dreading that last moment when the cashier says "Your total is $xxx.xx" And let's not forget trips to Walmart and Sams. Ouch!

"The New Way to Grocery Shop"
Every Sunday, you buy (get from family or neighbors) two newspapers for the coupons. I can't stress this step enough.  Even if you are just starting out, this will be your first step getting the savings you are looking for.  Mark the date on the front of each insert (Red Plum/Smart Source) and you stick it in a file folder/file box.

Now it's time for your weekly shopping trip.  Visit sites (like Palmetto State Saver) that cover the stores where you shop.  I will post the lowest rock bottom prices for Bi-Lo and Publix weekly, and Food Lion occasionally.  If you are looking for other grocery stores, there are some great places to get match-ups for the sales ad and coupons.  Shoppers in the southeast can check out Southern Savers here , and Coupon Mom has nationwide stores listed here.

Here is where you'll have two choices.

Choice #1 is to buy when you need to buy. This is when the grocery store gets to choose how much you spend on your purchases. (Going to the pantry/fridge and making your list of what you need.)

Choice #2 is to buy when things are at rock bottom price (usually every six weeks) and using your coupons. You buy enough at this price to supply your family until the next time it goes on sale. This way YOU get to choose how much you are going to pay. After all, it's YOUR money right?

Now I know it seems overwhelming to think about buying six weeks worth of something, right? But look at it this way.

1 box of cereal at the grocery store's price is $4.00 on average.
x 6 wks


1 box of cereal at ROCK BOTTOM SALE PRICE w/ COUPON is $1.00.
x 6 wks

Which price would you rather pay? That is a savings of $18.00!

Now think about how many other products you use every day or every week and how much you can save.
This is when I had my **LIGHTBULB MOMENT**!

Look here to see a great list of what you could be paying for your groceries! Make sure you are sitting down - the first time I saw this list I was blown away!

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