Saturday, August 29, 2009

My thoughts on K-Mart

Ok. Honestly? I really don't care too much for K-Mart. Definitely not my favorite place to shop, and since it's not the closest store to us I hardly ever shop there. Customer service is touch and go at best.


They are holding their last super-doubles event of the year starting tomorrow. I hadn't even planned on going. Harris Teeter is doing super doubles this week, and I was going to go last night until a massive monsoon hit Charleston preventing me from making the drive. (Ever been stuck downtown during flooding? Not gonna happen if I can help it!) So alas, I will venture to Super K-Mart to stock up on some things. There are lots of good deals and lots of FREE deals. I'll let you know how I did - until then, pull out your coupons and make your shopping list too! You can find match-ups here.

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