Friday, August 28, 2009


Yay! The weekend is here!

Ready for some FREE Chocolate? It's FREE Chocolate Friday! Click here starting at 9am today and register with Mars for your FREE Chocolate! No, you won't get it today, but I promise it's such a nice surprise to open up your mailbox in a week or two and find this coupon!

I love to have little people helping me in the kitchen. My oldest went to cooking camp this summer, and now he does alot of my prep work for me! And all the little guys love to help when I'm baking (I think they're secretly trying to bargain for frosting, but hey! Who can blame them?) I love any kind of kid's cookbook, especially one that's FREE! This offer is for the book Kitchen Kids from Wisconsin Cheese.

FREE offer for Fancy Feast Cat Food is here.

Lean Cuisine FREE Lunch Fridays
Every Friday, 125 Winners will win FREE lunch for a week. Enter here to win.

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