Monday, July 5, 2010

Guest Post - Check Out ePal

This is a great guest post from my friend Jenna over at Bucktown Bargains...What an awesome idea!  Thanks for sharing, Jenna!


Hi, my name is Jenna and I have a website called Bucktown Bargains. I have become obsessed with saving money while shopping in stores and especially, online! Why spend the money if you don’t have to? I want to thank Lauren for the opportunity to guest post.
First, I have to be honest I am not going to say that I use coupon for every purchase nor that I keep track of my spending as I should, but I will admit that I stockpile and purchase gifts years in advance! When I see a coupon code or great sale, I purchase some accessories or items that will make great gifts and keep them in my closet so I never have to pay full price for a gift! This is especially true when it comes to wedding, baby and kids gifts because you can always grab these well in advanced.
As you read Bucktown Bargains, you will find that I DO make a ton of online purchases. With two children under the age of 4, it’s difficult to get to the mall, so I rely on FREE SHIPPING codes, which I love to stack with great deals. I also rely on online rebate services such as Shop at Home and Ebates, which are so easy to use and you also receive a $5 bonus with signup!
Something that you may not know about me is that I am a certified elementary computer teacher with a masters degree in Instructional Technology, so I try to give my opinion as much as possible about websites for children and educational/technology products. I actually have a page dedicated to Computers and Kids.

As an Elementary computer teacher, I use various activities to integrate classrooms lessons into meeting technology standards. In my experience, students seem to be more motivated to write if using a computer. In the computer lab, students use Kidspiration software as to organize information. Computer-based concept mapping can be used during the brainstorming activity as a prewriting strategy. The computer facilitates by providing a visual map of the ideas generated. In essence, linking new information with old through a mapping system by moving from traditional pencil-paper concept mapping to hypertext. You can actually download a 30 day FREE Trial at Another great side is Epals.

I try to post info regarding Kids and Computers because that is my specialty. As an elementary computer teacher, one of the favorite activities of my students was ePals. ePals is a way for kids to Safely connect, collaborate and learn using the leading protected email and blog solutions. Now, this program is used by teachers and school districts, but did you know that parents can use it for their children?
Did you ever have a pen pal? I don't even know if kids remember how to write with a pen and paper. This site allows children to connect and write to children all over the world.. You just search for the country or language (it's kinda link for kids, but for friends
The best part about this program is that the emails are filtered. So, anything that is inappropriate will be flagged and sent to your email..Also, your child will not be able to download or send attachments without your approval. If your child has been bothering you for an email address, this is a great solution. Click HERE to check it out! Oh, and it’s FREE!
I hope that you take a few minutes to check out Bucktown Bargains and join me as we go hunting for bargains in stores and online and remember, if you put the time into deal hunting you will save one ‘Buck at a time’!

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