Monday, July 5, 2010

Kids Bedrooms - A Place to Sleep or Simply "Kid Chaos"?

I recently cleaned out my son's bedroom and realized that he has entirely too many toys.  And books.  And clothes!  I seriously don't know where to put everything he has.  We gave 2 bags of books and clothes that he has outgrown to my nephew and took an entire load of toys to Goodwill, but his room is still packed to the gills with things he plays with. 

**Insert picture here - I am by far not brave enough to post a picture of his room on here!**

Installing bookshelves helped pick up some of the clutter off the floors, but it still seems like he doesn't have enough room.  While his bedroom isn't tiny, he spends a good bit of time playing in there so I'd be really happy if it doesn't look like a tornado flew through there half the time. 

I've been thinking of switching his regular twin bed out for a loft bed to open up the space underneath (I love some of these!).  While I love his furniture and it's definitely built to last, I'm afraid that we will soon have to start wrapping a rope around his waist before he dives in just to be sure we can find him! 

Help!  What tips do you have to keep the "kid chaos" under control in your home? 

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