Monday, September 7, 2009

This Week's Shopping Trips!

Here is the run-down for our trips to Publix, BiLo, and Rite Aid. Great week, again. I still need to make it to CVS today, so be looking for my post about all of the free things I've gotten at CVS - and how you can get them too!


Total OOP: $ 48.40
Total Saved: $154.97
PLUS - 2 $9.99 MIR (*Mail In Rebates*) on the way
= $28.42 Total Spent

Here's what I got:

Like I've said before, it's a good week to stock up on meat. There's only so much room in our freezer and we have tons of chicken and pork, so this week is was beef. I only got enough to really get us through until the next time it goes on sale. We have got to eat some of the Eggos that are taking up half of the freezer! I also stocked up on cake mixes, even though I didn't have any coupons (SHOCK AND HORROR!!). They were BOGO at $1.75 which makes them around $0.87 a box. That is cheaper than I can ever buy them regular price, and I bake alot of cake so this was a good deal for me - even without a coupon.

5lbs Ground Beef
4 Sirloin Steaks
1 Flat Iron Steak ($1.50 Q Peelie)
4 Packs Ball Park Hot Dogs
1 Pkg Southern Home Hamburger Buns ($0.50 BiLo Q)
1 Gallon Milk
8 Betty Crocker Box Cake Mix

Total Spent: $33.09
Total Saved: $21.76
**also earned .05 in Fuelperks - 13.42 towards next time**
GOOD NEWS for UPSTATE READERS: Fuelperks are coming to the Upstate! They will be available in the Spartanburg area soon. Who couldn't use some serious money off their purchase of gas? That's why even if I don't have coupons, I will buy something we need at BiLo - I'm still getting something back!

Go here and register your Bonuscard to get BiLo Qs and to learn about FuelPerks.

1st Transaction
2 Honey Nut Cheerios (2 $1/off Target Qs and $1/2 Manu Q)
6 Barber Frozen Stuffed Chicken Breasts (6 $1 Manu Q)
1 Bag Publix Tortilla Chips (Publix Penny Item)
2 Cans Green Giant Veggies (BOGO)
$4.00/$20 Purchase Competitor Coupon (Rite Aid)
Total Due $7.63 (Saved $35.78)

2nd Transaction
2 Boxes SuperPretzels (2 .50/Manu RP 8/16)
2 Heluva Good Dips (2 .50/printable Q)
2 CoffeeMate Liquid Creamer ($1.50/2 printable Q)
2 Cans Green Giant Veggies (BOGO)
2 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix (2 .40/ Manu SS 8/9)
2 Boxes Frosted Cheerios (2 $1/Target Qs and $1/2 Manu Q)
2 Boxes Fruit Loops ($2/2 Manu Q RP 8/30)
2 Boxes Apple Jacks ($2/2 Manu Q RP 8/30)
2 Boxes Whole Grain Cheez-Its (2 0.75/printable Q)
1 Bag Publix Tortilla Chips (Penny Item)
Total Due $7.56 (Saved $46.12)

For all Publix printables and savings, see this weeks savings on Southern Savers.
For all Target printables available, click here.

Rite Aid
This was a great trip for me, even though my trips to any drugstore other than CVS are few and far between. With the MIRs it brought my total OOP down $19.98!

2 ACCU-Check Avia Meters ** (2 $10/manu Q 8/23SS)
1 Infants Motrin
4 Bags M&Ms (BOGO)
Used $5/20.00 Rite Aid Q (available here)
Total Due $0.12 Saved (54.31)

**This was a great opportunity for me to donate something! Other than food, since I've been couponing I've been able to donate personal care items too! In addition to that, these meters have a Mail In Rebate inside for the purchase price. That means I will get $19.98 back and it brings down my overall spending for this week! **

ALSO purchased this week:
Took advantage of some clearance items at Big Lots. This is also going to be a big week for CLEARANCE now that summer is over. Be on the lookout for Christmas gifts!

1 Loaf of Texas Toast Bread (Big Lots is the only place I've found that carries this brand intermittently, and it is SUPER good - perfect for French Toast!)
1 Pkg Chlorine Test Strips for the pool next summer
1 Pkg Nescafe Decaf Coffee
Total Spent: $3.30

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