Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We have a sweet little six month old who is now beginning to eat us out of house and home. People are often curious - how do you save money on the two most expensive items for a baby. (Diapers and Formula)

My answer? BUY IT WHEN IT'S ON SALE! I don't buy either of these unless they are on sale - and then I stock up big time. We have so much formula now, that I may not need to buy anymore before our little one is a year old!

You can often get diapers for as low as $5 a pack or CHEAPER! These can be bought at CVS using your ECBs (Extra Care Bucks) for FREE! Newborn not wearing size 3 yet, but that's all they have on sale? I promise, they'll be in 3's before you know it. And you'll have diapers. It is never too early to buy them - even if you're pregnant! Devote $5 a week now to diapers, if they're not on sale, bank that $5 for next week when they go on sale!

Formula is the same way - when you have coupons, and it's on sale - STOCK UP! As soon as you know what kind of formula your baby likes, start watching the sales!

This is the same concept I use for groceries. YOU decide what you are going to pay - not the retailer!

Both formula and diapers can be purchased while they are on sale - stacking coupons.
HUGGIES Big Packs are on sale this week at Publix for $19.99
If you use
$3 OFF in ad Q
$1.50 or $3 OFF Manufacturer Q
$2.00 OFF Rite Aid Q
$1.50 saved for college using ecoupon from UPromise
You can get 96 diapers for as cheap as 11.99 (This is the big box of diapers!) AND save $1.50 for your child's education!

Formula is the same way! You can stack store and manufacturer coupons to get the best deal. ALSO - Don't forget the formula checks you get from the manufacturer can be used with coupons! That equals big savings!

Great resources for baby coupons:

If you aren't registered with these companies yet, go ahead and get signed up. Even if you don't use that particular brand, you will still be eligible for other coupons. I just got Aussie Hair Care and Bounty coupons from Huggies in a home mailer the other day!

Also, check here for more AWESOME baby deals!

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