Tuesday, March 1, 2011

HURRY! Synovate - Accepting Applications!


I just got an email that Synovate is accepting applications again!  

I know there were some of you that didn't get to apply last time, so hurry over while you can!  

Synovate is a leading global provider for market research and they are currently looking for applicants! They are one of my top survey companies - and I'm constantly hearing how much everyone else loves them, too!   

When you're a panelist for Synovate, you'll have a few different opportunities to be rewarded....

-Synovate frequently sends out FULL-SIZED products for you to review.  Many common household companies use Synovate to get your opinion of new products - often before they ever hit the shelves in your local store.  They send you a FULL-SIZED product to try, and then ask you to complete a survey to tell them what you think!  

-You'll be helping companies improve everyday products and household items by giving your opinions.  

-You will have the opportunity to complete some surveys for Synovate when you qualify, and can earn points which can be redeemed for cash or prizes.  You'll also be entered into a monthly sweepstakes with over 200 winners!  

So here's the deal:

No folks, I'm sorry - you probably won't get rich using Synovate.  But if you are looking to earn a couple of extra bucks, and (like me) LOVE to get full sized products to review - you should apply today!  My favorite part of Synovate?  They pay out at just $5 (that means you'll get a little spending money pretty quick)!!

Click right here to get started - These never remain open for long!!  

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