Tuesday, November 16, 2010

HOT Deals @ Modnique! *POSSIBLE $15 Credit!*

I am loving all of the deals that seem to be popping up on Daily Deals sites.  I told everyone about signing up with Modnique a while back for a FREE $5 credit - and there are some great deals you can use it on.  It's great to get a deal on already discounted items, especially for gifts!  

 You can still get that $5 credit - PLUS, there is a great $10 credit for new shoppers that is available too.  Look what you can get super cheap.....

This Italian made ring is only $13 - so you can grab it after credits for only $5.95 shipped!  

It you have a "foodie" on your list, be sure to check out the Core Bamboo sale.  There are lots of items available (like these "Salad Hands") for just $15.  Use the credits to get them shipped for only $7.95!

Head over to Modnique to sign up and start shopping - they are selling out quick!  

And if you're a new shopper, be sure to use the code STAR to get an additional $10 off (through November 30th)!  Click here to score some deals, and let me know what you find....

*Note - if you use Paypal, your $5 credit won't show up.  Sorry!*

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