Friday, November 19, 2010

A Family In Need - Please Help!

I posted yesterday on the Facebook page about a local family of five who has lost everything due to a house fire.  They literally left their home with nothing more than the pajamas on their backs.  You can read more about the fire here

In a season that is full of giving, I am hoping that some of my readers will help this family in their time of need.  This is more than just a Christmas without gifts, this is a Christmas without a home, clothing, dishes, furniture, school supplies - even the most basic necessities.    

Currently, they are in need of just about everything, but I'll try to update this post as I learn more.  
You'll find all of their sizes at the bottom of this post.  If there is something you can donate please let me know - we'll work the logistics out!  Think about what you have stockpiled, or things that you were just going to take to Goodwill.    I cannot imagine the devastation that this family is facing right now, and I know that even if it's a box of dishes it's more than they have now!  

Family Sizes:

Mom: 12 Pants, M/L Shirts, 36B Bra, 7 Panties, 7-7.5 Shoe

Son: 32-34 Jeans, M Shirts, Small Undershirts/Tanks, M Boxers
Girl: 12-14 Pants (girls sizes), 14 Shirts, 32 Training Bra, 14 Panties, 5 Shoe
Girl: 16 Pants (girls sizes) or 3/4-5/6 (juniors), 16 Shirts, 34B Bra, 16 panties, 5 Shoe
Girl: 14 Pants (girls sizes), 16-18 Shirt, 34B Bra, 7.5 Shoe, 16-18 panties.

The PTA at the children's school is seeking donations to help them immediately and long term (housing, etc...).  If you are interested in making a monetary donation, you can go send it via PayPal to accorcoranpta(at)  

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  1. Thank you for helping out! It means a lot when friends and the community stick together. Oh, and the clothing for the guy on here is actually her son. Not the dad. The dad passed away a year ago. this is a single mother with 4 children. They are absolutely amazing and so sweet.