Sunday, February 20, 2011

What Are Swagbucks & Why Should I Use Them?

Y'all hear me talking about Swag Bucks every Friday when it's Mega Swag Bucks Day - but I thought I should take a few minutes and share with you exactly what Swag Bucks are and why you should be searching to earn them! 

What are Swag Bucks?  
Swag Bucks is an online search engine (just like or that rewards you for your searches.  Simply search just like you normally would and you can randomly earn virtual Swag Bucks.  These are added to your account and then you can spend them however you wish (including trading them for cash or Amazon Gift Cards)!  

What's A Swag Code?  
Swag Bucks occasionally issues great "Swag Codes" that can be redeemed for Swag Bucks that will help you earn more even faster.  You'll get a heads up on these on the Swag Bucks Facebook page or when you follow Swag Bucks on Twitter.  Download the Swag Bucks Toolbar (easy to use and definitely helps you remember to use Swag Bucks to search) and you'll occasionally get an email with a Swag Code.  Just head over to the Swag Bucks web page and enter your Swag Code to earn Bucks.  

Why Should You Use Swag Bucks? 
 Because you can buy anything with them (FOR FREE)!!  
Swag Bucks will add up in your account and then you can redeem them online.  Then you can redeem them for tons of gift cards (including Amazon,, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, iTunes, & more....) or even cash through PayPal.  

I'm a member of Amazon Mom and I get great discounts on diapers and wipes, so I redeem my Swag Bucks to purchase Amazon Gift Cards.  Diapers are by far my favorite thing to get for FREE using Swag Bucks!  I also use my Amazon Gift Cards to shop for Christmas gifts and they have saved me a TON of money!  

It's easy to sign up with Swag Bucks.  It's FREE and only takes about a minute.  Plus, you will earn 30 FREE Swag Bucks just for signing up here!  

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