Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sunday Coupon Preview - 2/26/2011

You'll have TWO inserts in Sunday's paper - one Smartsource and one P&G.  

Remember to buy the biggest coupon available in your area as it will have the most coupons with the highest values.  You can see what coupons will be in the inserts right here (this is a preview - what comes out will vary from city to city). 

 I buy two papers every week, which is perfect for our family of four - unless there are many coupons that will make for great deals. Don't forget to ask neighbors or family members to share their coupon inserts with you.  Believe it or not, everyone doesn't see the value in those little inserts!

Here's a few that I'm looking forward to seeing tomorrow - what about you?

$3.50 OFF Huggies  

$1 OFF Barber Foods

$1.50 OFF Excedrin

$1 OFF Listerine

$1 OFF Cascade Rinse Product

$2 OFF Downy Dryer Sheets

$2.50 OFF Pampers

$2 OFF Tampax

$3 OFF Oral B Battery Brush

$4 OFF ProGlide Razors

$2 OFF Gillette Bodywash

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