Friday, November 12, 2010



It's Friday!  This week has been long, and exhausting....My poor baby girl got sick last Saturday night, and our entire family has passed around a nasty bug all week long.  I'm just hoping that it's all over, and today my kiddos can get back to normal!  Here are some FREEBIES to kick off your weekend.  I hope it's great, and you save a ton of money!

-Click here to get a FREE MP3 download of Veggie Tales "The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree."

-Get a FREE MP3 download of the Karaoke Channel's "Best Traditional Christmas Songs" when you click here.

-Click here to get a FREE MP3 download of Timeless Christmas Sampler.  

-Grab a FREE Kid's Advent Calendar when you click here.

-Click here to sign up for the Favecrafts Newsletter, and you'll get a FREE eBook on Thanksgiving Crafts.

-Click here to get a FREE sample of Lactaid Fast Act Dietary Supplements.  

-Grab a FREE sample of Sore No More Pain Relieving Gel when you click here.  

-Click here to get FREE shipping labels from Avery.  

-Click here to get a FREE Flat Rate Shipping Kit from the USPS.  

-Sign up for FREE with Mint (online money management system) when you click here.  

-Click here for a FREE sample of Carefree Liners.  

-If you're a Veteran, you can receive FREE "I Served" stickers when you click here.  

Remember, you can see all of the previous FRIDAY FREEBIES here.  Check them out to be sure you don't miss out on a thing.

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