Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Extreme Couponing Premiere on TLC

Extreme Couponing've probably heard that the new series Extreme Couponing premieres tonight on TLC.  

If not, you may want to tune in at 9pm EST on TLC tonight for the hour long debut. 

My thoughts?  
I coupon in reality - NOT in the reality that television portrays. 

Just from what I've already seen I can tell you that isn't how I shop.  

I'm not so sure what to think of some of these people - but I do think those who cross ethical boundaries to save are giving us all a bad name.  

I don't know of all of the people who will be featured - and I've heard there are some great ones (but I've also been told there are some that will embarrass most of us in the couponing community).  I hope that viewers will realize that this isn't how it works every day in our worlds.  
It is possible to save your family a ton of money by using coupons.  And you can do it without breaking any laws or rules - and without being consumed by searching for a deal every second of the day.  After all, it's all about balance.....right?  

What do y'all think?  

Honestly, I'm letting the DVR watch this one while I hit the gym and get an early bed time.  Maybe I'll watch it tomorrow while the kids nap.  I think it will be interesting to watch, but it's not too terribly high on my priority list!  

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